4 Steps to Expect During Asphalt Paving

A new driveway or roadway for your home will improve curb appeal and functionality. However, before you contact professional paving contractors, it can help to know what to expect from asphalt paving so that you can prepare and understand how the process affects the property. Below are several essential steps you should expect.


How Is Asphalt Paving Performed?

1. Area Preparation

The first step involves preparing the desired area for the paving process. This includes demolition and excavation, where existing structures, like the old driveway or road, and natural obstacles, like trees or boulders, are removed. Once the space is cleared, the asphalt paving contractors will level and grade the surface to encourage proper draining and prevent water damage.


2. Subbase Application

The subbase is an aggregate that’s laid down to form a firm foundation for the asphalt. It acts as a defensive layer against frost during winter to prevent integrity issues caused by contracting and expanding.


When the base is placed, the professionals will test it by driving heavy loads over it. Any weak or sinking spots will be reinforced and tested until they're at optimal strength.


3. Binder & New Asphalt Placement

When the subbase is ready, the binder layer will be applied, which is a mix of large aggregate and oil, adding to the sturdy foundation. After the binder is smoothed out, fresh asphalt can be laid on top of it.


Asphalt is a mix of small particles like sand and low-grade gravel mixed with oil to create a finer, smoother surface than rough aggregate. This step will also include connecting the fresh asphalt to adjoining surfaces like roadways, paths, and porches.


4. Compaction & Finalization

Once the asphalt is laid and raked out, the professionals will conduct a final roll to compact it, smooth the surface, and ensure it’s stable and strong. This process may take multiple passes with the rolling truck. Once the structure's quality is assured, your asphalt project will be done.

Layfield Crew
Layfield Crew
August 2, 2023
It has been five years since C.B. Paving installed our quarter mile driveway. The work was outstanding, and it is holding up very well. They are very professional and friendly, and with reasonable pricing, too. Highly recommended!